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Domaine Saint-Pierre


Our know-how


the harvest

​The quality of our wines resides in a subtle balance between the Provençal nature and the work of the winegrower. We pay a special attention to each stage of the grape, from growing to ripening. Our working methods are consciencious and environmentally-friendly culture. We are committed to farming that respects nature and the environment as much as possible.


  The work leading up to the harvest lasts all year round.

To develop great wines, we pay attention to each step that will lead the grapes from the strain to the vat.


From August, we regularly analyze the grains to monitor their degree of maturity and health and thus choose the perfect balance according to the desired wine. It is therefore at the best time, plot by plot, that the harvest is decided.


Since 1933, the entire harvest has been vinified in our cellars. The vinification cellar was enlarged and renovated in 1988 with the installation of stainless steel tanks allowing for cooling by trickle down.

The foundation of our approach is the search for the right balance between the careful use of the most recent technologies such as pneumatic pressing and the use of ancestral methods which have been proven to the delight of lovers of good wine.


On arrival of the skips, the harvest is destemmed and placed in vat after crushing. The tanks are filled from the top. The vatting lasts from 21 to 28 days. The fermentation is thermoregulated to preserve the aromas and to optimize their extraction, we pump over them every day. Regular analyzes make it possible to follow the good progress of the fermentation. We give ourselves the means to master each stage of production and vinification to offer you high quality wines that meet your requirements.

The days are long, but that's the price to pay to give the juice every chance of becoming a great wine.


Provençal nature is an ally of choice in the culture of the vine which likes heat and does not fear drought. An essential component of our land, the Mediterranean climate is characterized by mild temperatures in winter, hot in summer and low rainfall. Our vineyard benefits from the strong sunshine of the South of France and the north wind, the Mistral, cleanses in humid periods and refreshes during the hot weather.

The quality and richness of our soils as well as the variety of grape varieties allow us to obtain the power, balance and aromatic complexity of our wines. For this, our vineyard is established on different types of soil. The clay-limestone soils give us dense, "generous", colorful, full-bodied wines with powerful aromas, while the arid and stony soils offer us pleasant, elegant, fine and fruity wines.


Most of our plots have large pebbles which, heated by the sun, diffuse a gentle heat in the soil, thus promoting the maturity and concentration of the grapes. These pebbles also promote drainage. The presence of clay helps maintain reserves of water returned to the vines in times of drought.


If we consider that fermentation is the birth of wine, we can say that aging is its education.

The assembly of the different grape varieties is the result of a tasting and varies according to the vintage. The course of the breeding is followed with particular care. Our red wines are aged in casks for several months then blended before bottling.


The entire bottling has taken place at the estate since 1972.

It is a delicate moment to which we pay the greatest attention. The bottles are stored in the best conditions until sale or shipment (air conditioning of the cellar). We produce around 70,000 bottles every year, all wines combined.

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